Welcome to SHAG AHOI 2023

A cozy Collegiate Shag Workshop Weekend in the beautiful city of Hamburg!

18.-20. August 2023


Ahoy, dear Shag friends,
It was wonderful with you last year! And we are working on Shag Ahoi! 2023 to move our feet together with you again in the “slow, slow, quick, quick” rhythm for a whole weekend in the North of Germany ☺!

We’re happy to welcome you back this summer to our cozy collegiate shag festival in Hamburg.
We plan 6 hours of classes, three inspiring teacher couples, three levels (Saturday and Sunday classes) and one half pass (Saturday classes), 2 parties, 1 groovy swinging live band, beautiful locations, and a lot of fun! Please stay tuned! If you participated in the 2022 edition we will update you as soon as we have all fixed also per E-mail. 


Check our website or Shag Ahoi! on Facebook for updates or send us an e-mail info@shagahoi.de and we keep you posted!

We are looking forward seeing you in Hamburg!!