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Schedule (subject to change)

Level descripton (subject to change)

Please note

Homogenous classes are best for everyone! Please read the level descriptions carefully and be honest about your level –  having honest self-assessment is hard, but choosing the adequate level will increase the learning and fun for you and your dancing partners in the workshop! If – during classes – the teachers decide that you belong into a different level than the one that you have chosen, we ask you to respect their decision.

Probably there’s a mandatory level check on Saturday morning for Seadog and Captain levels. Please be sensitive and open to the teachers’ decision as to which level you belong in. Due to the level check we cannot guarantee that you will be in the same level as the partner you registered with.

Being advanced in Lindy Hop does not necessarily mean you are advanced in Collegiate Shag. Please keep this in mind and choose a level that represents your actual skills and/or your skills you will reach until the workshop-date.

There is no complete beginner track. It´s assumed that for Ship´s boy (Track 1) you’ll already be familiar with the classic basic double-time Shag footwork patterns, basic connection, etc. If you are brand new to Collegiate Shag or you only had a few classes, we recommend to attend a beginner / improver Shag intensive class and get a lots of Shag practice by sociale dancing to be ready to sign for Ship´s boy (Track 1). Alternatively it is necessary to have attended the Friday beginners class.


☆ Fridays beginners class: Landlubber ☆

This is a beginners crash course of 1,5 hours. We also welcome those who already know some Collegiate Shag to remind you of the basics and/or get you in shape for the rest of the weekend. Teachers: Marta & Rafał

☆ Track 1: Ship´s boy ☆

You have recently started dancing collegiate shag and/or have attended occasional local workshops. You are already familiar with the classic basic double-time Shag footwork patterns, basic connection, etc. and you want to learn some new steps. This is a chance to build upon the fundamentals and learn a variety of improver level patterns and techniques. This will be a fast moving track.
If you are a total beginner it is necessary to have attended the Friday class AND to be prepared for a real challenge.

☆ Track 2: Seaman ☆

You are already dancing Shag at an improver level, meaning that you have most likely been attending a weekly Shag class for a while now. Probably you have been to three or more (international) Collegiate Shag workshops in intermediate levels. You have social danced Shag on many occasions now. You are familiar with the 6-count (double time) basics and some variations in footwork. Your comfort zone for dancing relaxed and on time is at least to songs up to 200 bpm or even more (check with a partner the songs below). Your aim is to learn new steps and improve your technique – you are ready to take it to the next level. Welcome to “Seaman”!

180 bpm: Tommy Dorsey & his clambake seven – The music goes ´round and around / Slim Slam – Look-a there
186 bpm: The Krokodillos – All of me
188 bpm: Erskine Hawkins – No Use Squawkin
188 bpm: Ella Fitzgerald – The Dipsy Doodle
196 bpm: Tommy Dorsey – The Music Goes Round and Round
201 bpm: Artie shaw – One night stand

☆ Track 3: Seadog ☆

You are taking classes at least in an intermediate level, or better in an advanced level. You are also attending high level workshops, especially international. You can vary your footwork-style in different shag-patterns (single-, double-, triple- and long-rhythm shag) without getting confused on your own footwork. You have an impressive repertoire of moves under your belt as you know moves like Tandem, Titanic and Shagout and you already started to play around. You prefer to dance to songs with tempi up to 220 bpm an even more and you and your partner are still feeling comfortable by executing complex dancing-figures (check with a partner the songs below). Now you want to take it to the next level and refine your techniques as well as expand on the moves you know. On this level, the figures and technique are very challenging. Teaching will proceed at a quick pace. This fits for you? Welcome to “Seadog”

216 bpm: Django Reinhardt – Sweet Sue
219 bpm: Snake Hips – Mills Blue Rhythm Band
220 bpm: The Bumper Jacksons – Hold that Tiger
228 bpm: Hot Sugar Band – Topsy
232 bpm: The Bumper Jacksons – Ragtime Millionaire
238 bpm: Rob Heron – She don´t like the Fish

☆ Track 4: Captain ☆

Shag Life: You often travel for international Shag workshops/ events and you might even be teaching Shag in your local scene. You have most likely performed Shag and might also be thinking about entering Shag competitions now if you haven’t already. You are very confident and comfortable with social dancing Shag with beginner on up to advanced Shag dancers and are not afraid of the faster tempos. You try to improvise more and use single, double and triple rythms. You don’t need to think before you do but you just do it and you are rhythmical and musical. You are now ready for a serious challenge. You are prepared to have your brain mangled and your feet challenged over the weekend. Welcome to “Captain”