☆☆☆ Shag Ahoi! Class Levels ☆☆☆

(Updated soon!)

☆☆☆ Shag Ahoi! Full Pass Levels ☆☆☆

(Saturday and Sunday classes, 6 hours total, 2 Parties included)

☆ Seaman I (Intermediate) ☆

☆ Seaman II (Intermediate/Advanced) ☆

☆ Seaman  III (Advanced) ☆


☆☆☆ Shag Ahoi! Half Pass Level  ☆☆☆

(Saturday afternoon classes, 2.5 hours total, 2 Parties included)

☆ Level ‘Intermediate/Advanced’ ☆

Please note that the Half-Pass level is in parallel to the Saturday afternoon swing talk! For the day schedule please navigate to -> program!

If you don’ t find your level or want simply a more relaxed weekend, we also tickets for the Shag Ahoi! Saturday evening party :-)!