☆☆☆ Shag Ahoi! Full Pass Levels ☆☆☆

☆ Seaman I (Intermediate) ☆

You’ve been dancing collegiate shag for 6-12 months regularly. You take or took classes and you know several basic footworks and moves. You feel at ease with dancing shag social. Maybe you have been already to a collegiate shag weekend workshop. You know the most important elements of the dance and now you are looking forward to develop your skills and get ready for uptempo dancing.

☆ Seaman II (Intermediate/Advanced) ☆

You have been dancing shag for at least 1-2 years regularly, fast tunes on a social dance floor make you cheer and lift your shagfinger! You have been attending some Collegiate Shag weekend workshops and you stay calm and keep the flow when it comes to unexpected challenges. You are looking forward to get more skilled about musicality, improvisation and expression in your dancing.

If you don’ t find your level or want simply a more relaxed weekend, we also offer a bunch of Party pass tickets this year!