Level description 2020



PLEASE NOTE: There is no complete beginner track in the FULL PASS LEVELS. It´s assumed that for the most basic level you’ll already be familiar with the classic basic double-time Shag footwork patterns, basic connection, etc.



Full Pass Levels won´t start with the Basics! 

This year, you can’t register for a specific level:
During the registration process, you will be asked a few questions, for example, about your previous experience or which level you think best suits you. We would like to know your CURRENT COLLEGIATE SHAG EXPERIENCE (not what you expect it could be in August).

Based on the answers, we will create levels consisting of dancers with comparable Shag dancing skills. Experience has shown that all levels from  beginner-plus to advanced are represented at Shag Ahoi. Depending on the participants, it might be that we have more than one Intermediate or  Advanced track. 
This year we have a total of 5 tracks with a teaching volume of 6:15 hours each.
We ask you to answer all questions truthfully so that we can form groups that are as homogeneous as possible. 
Participating in the adequate level will increase the learning and fun for you and your dancing partners in the workshop! Homogenous classes are best for everyone! If – during the classes – the teachers find that another level (more experienced or more essential) fits you better, they will recommend a change after the session. We ask you to follow the teacher’s recommendation.
We cannot guarantee that you will be on the same level as the partner you registered with. But don´t worry, the classes will take place at the same time for all the tracks. So, even if you are not in the same courses, you can plan your day together.

Here you can find the schedule (soon)



There are Special Classes (Friday and Sunday) you can book separately.

Special classes have a strong focus on technique or a special topic. Please check the special class is recommended for your dancing level before you sign in!

Special Classes Booking will be opened after we sent out Full Pass Confirmations. If you are confirmed for Shag Ahoi! 2020 you will receive an information e-mail a couple of days before the Special Classes booking will be opened!