Level description 2020 (will be modified during January)



PLEASE NOTE: There is no complete beginner track in the FULL PASS LEVELS. It´s assumed that for the most basic level you’ll already be familiar with the classic basic double-time Shag footwork patterns, basic connection, etc.



There are Special Classes (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) you can book seperately.

Special classes have a strong focus on technique or on a special topic. Please check thes special class is recommended for your dancing level before you sign in!



Full Pass Levels won´t start with the Basics!

We have noticed in recent years that some participants significantly develop their abilities after registration so that the initially chosen level no longer fits well when the event takes place. Based on this experience, we have changed the registration process a bit this year.

As you might know from the previous years, there will be five levels: 

  • Beginner-Intermediate (1 Level)
  • Intermediate/ Intermediate Advanced  (3 Levels)
  • Advanced (1 Level)

You can sign up for a specific FULL PASS LEVEL.

PLEASE NOTE: Might be that we will invite you to a level check this year.  A level check is nothing terrible, nothing to be afraid of. In particular, if you have not been dancing that long, it may be that you feel under pressure by the level check.

A level check is not a competition; it’s not about winning or losing.
It’s about providing you all in the classes with the best possible learning situation.

Participating the adequate level will increase the learning and fun for you and your dancing partners in the workshop! Homogenous classes are best for everyone!  Please be sensitive and open to the teachers’ decision as to which level you belong in.
If – during the classes – the teachers find that another level (more experienced or more basic) fits you better, they will recommend a change after the session. We ask you to follow the teacher’s recommendation.

Due to the level check we cannot guarantee that you will be in the same level as the partner you registered with. But do not worry, the classes will take place at the same time for all tracks. So, even if you are not in the same classes, you can plan your day together.

Here you can find the schedule (soon)