Classes & Parties

☆ Classes ☆

☆ Warehouse Studios ☆
Kehrwieder 5/Block D
20457 Hamburg

☆ Parties ☆

☆ New Swing Studio ☆ (Friday)
Boschstraße 15 d
22761 Hamburg

☆ Warehouse Studios ☆ (Saturday)
Kehrwieder 5/Block D
20457 Hamburg

City Transport

 ☆ Public Transport ☆ 
www.hvv.de (timetable information, prices …)
Good App (ticket storage and information on connections). Hamburg has a well-developed public transport system. Buses go around the clock. At night, a special „Nachtbus“ (night bus) service connects the outlying districts and the city center. The S-Bahn (overground) and U-Bahn (metro/ underground) train services run approximately 05:00 h until 01:00 h in the central city, but there is often no service past 23:00 h in outliying districts. On weekends, it runs all night.
There are also six ferry services operate in the harbour and along the River Elbe as part of the regular public transport system (tip: take ferry line 62 from „Landungsbrücken“ to „Finkenwerder“ and back to enjoy a scenic trip through the harbour on a day ticket – the whole ride to Finkenwerder and return takes about an hour).

 ☆ Taxi  ☆
There is a good supply of taxis in Hamburg 24 hours a day, both at taxi stands and in the street. We recommend you to call one of the numbers below. The meter starts at EUR 3,50. A trip in the city area will be between EUR 8 – 15. From the city to the airport expect to pay roughly EUR 25 – EUR 30. Most taxis accept credit card payments – to be assured, ask the driver before.
– Hansa Taxi: ++49 – 40 – 211 211
– Taxi Hamburg: ++49 – 40 – 666 666

 ☆  Bike ☆
The city offers bike rental services called „StadtRad“. To use this service, you must register on the Stradtrad website and create an account with a credit card (one-time costs EUR 5, but the money is on account). You can go to any one of these terminals and use one of their bikes as long as you want. The first 30 minutes are free the next time cost 8 cent/ min (maximum charge is EUR 12 / day). Note that one can even take two bicycles at the same time with just one account.

☆ Moia ☆
MOIA is a ride-sharing service. You can use it by downloading the app. You enter the desired pick-up and destination and the MOIA vehicle arrives at a virtual stop no more than 250 meters away. The app navigates you directly to where the vehicle will stop and the service will likely cost less than a taxi. There are Classic and Express options.

SHARE NOW is a car-sharing service. Once registered, the cars can be booked and paid via the app; the cars can be picked up and dropped anywhere in the home area. You can register for free by uploading your driver’s license. An email address and a smartphone (iOS or Android) is needed.