☆☆☆ Our teachers on board in 2024 ☆☆☆

☆ Sandy Lewis (ES) & Michal Oblancki (PL) ☆ Maja Sommerfeldt & Teis Volstrup (DK) ☆Laura Périon (DE) & Victor Raggmopp (ES)☆


☆ Sandy (ES) & Michal (PL) ☆

Sandy Lewis 4.10.2023 | Fotograf David Poul | www.davidpoul.cz

Sandy was born and raised in south Louisiana dancing to Cajun and Zydeco music. After moving to Spain, she began swing dancing and immediately fell in love with Collegiate Shag. She founded several communities to spread the spirit and love to Shag. Her style is joyful, free-spirited, and a little rascally when the mood strikes. And her teaching style follows suit. You’ll learn while laughing and the lesson always comes with a wink and a smile…and maybe some swear words in between. She believes in empowering dancers to be themselves and encourages people to let their inner dancer shine on the dancefloor. When she’s not dancing, you can find her emceeing various swing festivals around Spain, and also at home being a kick-ass mom. Her favorite color is red, and according to her son, her hair is fantastic.


Michał fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2005, successfully launching the swing dancing scene in Warsaw in 2009. Since then, he spent years sailing through the swing-seas first learning then teaching in over 15 countries of the world. When he discovered Collegiate Shag in 2014, he immediately started his efforts to spread it around Poland and Europe and support its global revival by teaching classes, workshops and organizing local and international events like the Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival. In swing dancing he is looking for a perfect balance between technique, natural functional movement, comfortable connection, musicality, and crazy, unstoppable explosion of endorphins! We can‘t wait to have you both sparkling and shining in classes and on the dancefloor!


☆ Maja & Teis (both DK) ☆



Maja & Teis teach at the Happy Feet Studio in Copenhagen. Their style of Collegiate Shag is a unique mix of colorful variations, improvisation, and musicality. Their core driver is fun and happiness, which they love to express in their teaching, competitions and shows. And of course, it’s so much fun to meet them on the dancefloor, so get ready to ask, ‘would you like to dance?’ We can’t wait for them to come over and celebrate this year’s festival with us.



☆ Laura (D) & Victor (ES) ☆

Laura & Victor have traveled the world dancing, learning, and spreading the wonderful spirit of Collegiate Shag. The two social animals have met in 2017 at a Mix and Match contest in Vilnius (LIT) and never miss an opportunity to grow together. Since they have met, they are participating and winning in several swing dance disciplines such as Collegiate Shag, St Louis Shag and Balboa and also started teaching all over Europe.

Laura is a versatile dancer with a bright dancing-background (ballet, jazz and contemporary…). She was falling in love with Collegiate Shag in 2015 in Hamburg, where she lives. The same year, Victor discovered Shag in Barcelona, and both did not stop dancing since then. We are delighted to having them on board and can’t wait to get infected by their undying enthusiasm and their ability to turn anything into a party.