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We don´t offer party passes and we are sold out.

Therefore there WON´T be tickets available at the door. Sorry!


☆ Friday Warm Up Party ☆

Friday 17 Aug 2018, doors open at 8:00 p.m.

Let´s warm up your feet and the dancefloor before our fun and inspiring Collegiate Shag weekend.
The wonderful DJ ☆ Bloody Mary ☆ spins the dance tunes and as a little extra ☆ Braun´s Choclate ☆ is in. Join us at 8:00pm!

☆ Doors open: 20:00h

☆ Admission: 5 EUR (included in workshop fee)
☆ Live: Braun´s Chocolate
☆ DJ: Bloody Mary
☆ Address: It’s located in the Boschstraße 15d, Hamburg.
☆ Drinks: Bottled water, soft drinks, (local) beer, wine and coffee are available for purchase.




☆ Swing Kids Walk ☆

Saturday 18 Aug 2018, 05:00 p.m. – 06:30 p.m.

We inform you about the meeting point for the walk when you register.

☆ St. Pauli Swing Kids walk ☆
If you’re into swing and swing dances, you’ve probably heard of the movie Swing Kids. The film is loosely based on the biographies of teenager, who lived during the Nazi era in Hamburg.
We will follow in the footsteps of these Swing Kids in the district of St. Pauli.
The Swing Kids were young people who loved swing music and oriented themselves towards the Anglo-American lifestyle. As a result, they came in opposition to the Nazi regime and the authorities spied and persecuted the youths. Especially in Hamburg, the GESTAPO was after them. Some of the swing kids were even deported to the concentration camp.

☆ St. Pauli ☆ 
The district St. Pauli has been the entertainment district of Hamburg for centuries. At the time of the Swing Kids there were many possibilities to hear swing live or from the record.
Nowadays, here you will find a unique mix of red light milieu, bars, clubs, restaurants and theaters.

☆ The guide ☆ 
Jan began listening to jazz when he was 13, after finding his father’s jazz records in the cellar. At the age of 19, he dealt with a treatise on the subject of swing kids and since then he has not let go of this topic. He started dancing swing more than 10 years ago. For some years now, Jan regularly conducts guided tours and lectures on Swing Kids.




☆ SHAG AHOI! Party ☆ TIKI Edition ☆

Saturday 18 Aug 2018, doors open at 08:00 p.m. 


Aloha! Come on to Saturday Night Party and stomp your feet! This years SHAG AHOI! Party is a TIKI EDITION. You´re invited to dress up like you´re on a tropical vacation – so wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt, or grass skirt, if you dare.

We are honored to have the fabulous ☆ DJ Helow ☆ as our DJ for the Saturdays party back this year and we are super excited to welcome ☆☆☆ Los Swingones ☆☆☆!


Los Swingones is a “Mexican style” jazz band. They play classics standards from the the golden age of swing music but also some “latino” tunes using styles such as Rumba, Boléro and Son Jarocho (traditional Mexican folk music from Veracruz) to make the hip of the audience move with Latin flavor. David (voice, guitar) , Victor (bass, voice) and Aurélien (snare drum + percussions, voice) are the base of this band who feeds its creativity with musicians they meet on the road. Los Swingones really love streetperformance. They don’t need any electricity or any extra equipment.


New Swing Generations dancing studio in Hamburg features awesome atmosphere, a large smooth hardwood dance floor and a small bar!

☆ Doors open: 20:00h
☆ Live: Los Swingones
☆ DJ: DJ Helow
☆ Address: It’s located in the Boschstraße 15d, Hamburg.
☆ Drinks: Bottled water, soft drinks, (local) beer, wine and coffee are available for purchase.